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Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix

Dried Coconuts
Now To Figure Out What To Have To Accompany Them.....

The Flows variety of dried coconuts is a much different experience from the bland ones of my childhood. Yes, my taste buds wanted to rebel and with the tried-and-tested of way back when, but eventually they (and me) succumbed to the "new deliciousness".

Amazing product


This is an excellent snack. It's really tasty and should certainly be in your kitchen cabinet.

Sometimes Updates Are Upgrades

This update to “guguru & ekpa” are the most scrumptious snacks I’ve had in a long while. Not just because of their great taste, but also because there’s a near-emotional component to them as well. Great reminiscing of one’s youth, & done better!
& then there’s the packaging as well: something to fit different snacking occasions!

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix
Olubunmi Olarinde

I wish there are roasted corn only without peanuts for those that are allergic to peanuts. Also, my order came in sachets, I wish it came in container as shown on the website

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix
jasmina dakratova


Good memories

Great taste, salt is just right

So good

It made me remember my Gmother fry corn and Groundnut.


I don't know why I never thought to combine two of my favorite snacks, but I'm glad someone else did. So good and so addictive.

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix
Jennifer Skidmore Calderon
Addictively Good!

When I first came across Flow's Tasty Treats, I was curious. I'd never considered mixing peanuts with toasted corn. Now that the combo has been introduced to me I can't get enough of it. It's the perfect crunch, with the perfect amount of salt, every bit leaves you wanting more.

Best beer snack ever

Keep them right on the counter. Open a beer, take a handful. The perfect combo snack


Excellent snack!

This is one of the tastiest snacks I’ve come across in a long time. The combination of peanuts corn has a distinct and pleasant flavor. I expect it to become very popular.


Excellent quality. Not too much salt is a big plus - makes it a very healthy snack. The added personal note is much appreciated. Keep it up. You’ve got a customer for life!

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix
Happy Customer

Enjoyed it but I think the peanuts are too much.
I loved the roasted corn

Dried Coconuts
Mendy Sobol
This is my second order...

…with more orders in my future! I already loved Flows Tasty Treats, so this time I added the new coconut treats. Simply divine!

A Little More Salt

I love roasted corn snacks and this one is pretty good, but it could use a bit more salt. I’d be interested in seeing some other flavors as well and not just the usual Ranch/BBQ assortment. Maybe something reflective of your heritage. Good stuff!

Dried Coconuts
Martey Quaye
Corn and Peanuts

My 3 year old grand child was very excited when the shipment arrived and she saw the contents. She immediately wanted some of the CRUNCHY and PEANUTS as she had tasted and enjoyed this recipe from shipment sent me. Delicious.

Dried Coconuts
Marissa Picucci
Fantastic - best coconut snack yet!

Our whole family loves this snack. The coconut pieces are substantial which is so different than most coconut snacks. The quality is amazing - tastes like real food and not snack “food”. Love it!

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix

Best snack ever!

The perfect combination of peanuts and toasted corn creates an irresistible snack. I bought 5 jars to share with friends. Everyone agrees that Flows is delicious. I look forward to the next product Flows Tasty Treats adds to their web-site.

GSOAT: Greatest Snack Of All Time!

Flows Tasty Treats are a perfect mix of crunch and flavor. My whole family LOVES them. Our cross-country order arrived promptly and in great condition. Flows shows that anything really can happen in Jersey!

Amazing snack

The toasted corn and peanut mix was incredible. I love the crunch and the taste. Completely recommend it.

Good Taste

It is good to have something different from others and this particular mix of corn and peanut is on it’s own class of taste.
It is very refreshing and satisfying and have a mouth watering flavor. It is not common in this part of the world and it is of a great joy to have it around us. I congratulate you for a good job done. The packaging is also very well done. I appreciate your idea and the effort of putting up this mixture together. The price of this product is very low and affordable. I will recommend this product to everyone.
Good taste, Good job.