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Dried Coconuts
Marissa Picucci
Fantastic - best coconut snack yet!

Our whole family loves this snack. The coconut pieces are substantial which is so different than most coconut snacks. The quality is amazing - tastes like real food and not snack “food”. Love it!

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix

Best snack ever!

The perfect combination of peanuts and toasted corn creates an irresistible snack. I bought 5 jars to share with friends. Everyone agrees that Flows is delicious. I look forward to the next product Flows Tasty Treats adds to their web-site.

GSOAT: Greatest Snack Of All Time!

Flows Tasty Treats are a perfect mix of crunch and flavor. My whole family LOVES them. Our cross-country order arrived promptly and in great condition. Flows shows that anything really can happen in Jersey!

Amazing snack

The toasted corn and peanut mix was incredible. I love the crunch and the taste. Completely recommend it.

Good Taste

It is good to have something different from others and this particular mix of corn and peanut is on it’s own class of taste.
It is very refreshing and satisfying and have a mouth watering flavor. It is not common in this part of the world and it is of a great joy to have it around us. I congratulate you for a good job done. The packaging is also very well done. I appreciate your idea and the effort of putting up this mixture together. The price of this product is very low and affordable. I will recommend this product to everyone.
Good taste, Good job.

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix
Must have snack!!

This snack is perfect for any occasion! It's both sweet and savory! It'll have your tastebuds begging for more! Definitely try this snack if you haven't already! You won't regret it!

Love it!

This is my favorite snack. I'm a repeat buyer that learned about Flow's from the NJ Devils article that Sean Shapiro wrote in The Athletic. One thing I like is mixing Flow's with Cheez-its. Delicious!!

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix

Delicious snack

Great mid-day snack! Order came with a nice handwritten note. I will be ordering again

Tasty as promised

This is a great and somewhat different snack to have with drinks. The addition of the corn makes it much tastier than peanuts alone. I gave a container to a friend who also loves the combination of peanuts and corn. I plan to buy more.


The toasted corn and peanut mix are my go-to snacks between meals. They are filling and guilt-free snacks for me. I will be ordering more soon.

So good!!

I really enjoy this snack! Really tasty and great customer service. Thank you

I throughly enjoyed this!

I decided to try this and came out very impressed. I loved the taste of it, and so did my family. Taste is unimposing, and I found myself reaching for more each time. It went nicely with my Coca Cola, and actually accentuated the taste of the Cola. Can’t beat this. I’m ordering more!

Absolutely love it!

This is our second time ordering and we absoluty love it. Great and healthy snack for kids and adults. Fast shipping too!

Delicious stuff. Perfect for a party. Love it.


Very healthy and nutritious way to snack! Will buy again and again...

I basically refused to share!

What a yummy treat! This Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix was perfect for an afternoon snack. My personal favorite part was the toasted corn, I couldn't get enough! I know I should have shared more, but I wanted it all to myself! Love this nut snack mix and I know you will too!

I absolutely love😋😋😋 this product! I tried the 20.oz jar and also the individual packs. Definitely a yummy treat!

Note: I am not a big fan on nuts except pistachios but this product got me hooked.

Toasted Corn and Peanut Mix
Diana Tsra-Mensah
Goodness in your mouth

The taste keeps you coming back for more. Just the right amount of goodness in you mouth.

Can’t get enough

It’s not just crunchy and tasty. It’s also very addictive. Once you start eating them you’ll want more and more till it gets finished. It’s a perfect way to diet because you could munch on them and feel full before your meal. It’s perfect. ☺️

Tasty and Crunchy!

This snack is tasty and crunchy, just the way I like it! Kinda addicting but I love it, all ways makes my day.

Great snack option!

I simply love this snack! It’s a perfect blend of crunchy and savory. It never fails to calm my craving for a crunchy healthy snack.